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Hello, followers!

Thank you all for supporting the Live & Free project.  It began as a capstone project for my Film & Media Studies degree, and now I will be taking a short break to transition through my graduation.  In the meantime, I will be updating the older videos to fix the audio and video quality, so check back for those.

It’s been great to see this project start to grow, in quantity of followers as well as quality.  I will definitely be back. There are always under-appreciated artists waiting to be seen and heard.  I can’t wait to keep growing and improving the Live & Free project.  Keep your eyes peeled for our return this summer!

- Alicia

Janine Halsey, “My Body (cover)

Janine Halsey, “Hollow Words

let’s start out slow
cover ground we both know
some hollow words, delicate laughs
it don’t mean anything just yet 

time will be ours to share
you’ll run your fingers through my hair
whispering words, sneak in a smile
you’ll say our summer never ends

but the sun has to set
for the new day to rise
and i’ll learn to never forget
the calmness and comfort of a starry sky

the space between us grows
you feel like miles away
we sit in silence, not much to say
it’s written all over your face

but the sun has to set
for a new day to rise
i’ll learn to never forget
the calmness and the comfort of a starry sky

Video: Surf City, LBI.  Alicia McElhone.

Don’t forget!

This Friday (4/27) at 5PM, tune in for an original song by Janine Halsey.  In the meantime, click here to visit her Facebook page and hear some of her music!

Meet Janine Halsey

Instrument: Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Uke
Hometown: Bloomfield, NJ
Favorite thing about home: The people.  My house often doesn’t feel like anything special until it’s filled with my family. 

Favorite hobby: Watching the NYFG
Favorite smell: A barbecue
Favorite sound: An orchestra pit warming up
Sunrise or sunset: Sunset

Virtue: I’m able to find humor in any situation.
Vice: Indecisiveness
Guilty pleasure: The Disney Channel
Secret talent: My elbows are double jointed. 
Best advice you’ve ever gotten: "You can’t eat an elephant in one bite.  You have to attack it little by little, one bite at a time.  Don’t be afraid to take a little bite." - my Aunt Kathy

First song you remember hearing:  When I think of my childhood I hear “I’m The Cat” by Jackson Browne.  I’m playing Mouse Trap.
Last song played: “Seabreeze” by Tyrone Wells
Last album you bought: ”Human Again”, Ingrid Michaelson
Favorite concert you’ve attended: I’ve been to way too many concerts to have a favorite.  Every single John Mayer show, Bon Iver at the Tower Theater, Jamie Cullum at Carnegie Hall (when he sat next to me).. Concerts are pretty much my favorite experiences, so: all of them.
Last concert you attended: Darius Rucker in Syracuse 

Favorite quote: “I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth.  Then I ask myself the same question.” - Harun Yahya 

Janine Halsey on John Mayer’s “Wheel”

I don’t know what it is, but something about this song always gets me.  It’s hands-down one of my favorite John Mayer songs, but this version (Live from the As/Is tour in Ohio) gets me every time.  Everything about this song is perfect.  The lyrics are simple, but they make you listen.  I think that’s what I love most about this song: its simplicity.  Sometimes all you need is a simple melody, some easy chords, and a beautiful voice (coming from a man with a beautiful face).  It’s all about the wheel.  Life goes on, and you’re just a small part of it.  You can’t take anything too seriously, and you have to be okay with the fact that things can change, and they probably will.  If you go with the flow, and you live like the wheel, things may not turn out exactly as you had planned, but everything will eventually fall into place.  ”If you never stop when you wave goodbye, you just might find if you give it time, you will wave hello again.. and that’s the way this wheel keeps working." The lyrics are great, and the song is amazing, but I picked this version specifically because of his rant at the end.  I’ll let it speak for itself:

This is why I need your help.  I know some of you might not be a sing-a-long type.  You might be with a new friend, or a new date.  It might be strange for you to get all existential and see yourself singing along and think you’re not the singing along type.  But sometimes singing out loud gets heard by something or someone you know.  So sing for the friend who left you before you ever had a clue, sing for the girl or the boy who’s standing right now next to you.  ’Cause I have a feeling it all evens out, y’know?  At the very end of your life you’re going to sit down at the table, you’re gonna shuffle up the good and the bad and it’s all going to make perfect sense to you when you figure out that in the accounting books it comes up completely even.  And then you’re going to ask, “well, what was it all for?” and they’re gonna say, “well, you did it, didn’t you?” So sing along with me if you will, it’s not an option.  And don’t stop no matter what happens.  As soon as you get it just jump on in.  You can’t love too much one part of it.

Janine Halsey

Introducing: Janine Halsey

Janine Halsey performed a bayside set for Live & Free.  Her father Scott accompanied her on an acoustic cover.  Stay tuned to learn more about Janine!

Photo: Surf City, Long Beach Island, NJ.  Alicia McElhone.

Minnie Bell Sharp, “Should Have Known”

Minnie Bell Sharp, “From These Branches We Sit”

Don’t forget!

Tune in on Friday (4/13) at 5PM for an original song by Minnie Bell Sharp!  Head over to their band page in the meantime and check out some of their music.

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